Modifying the Template File

The EST- Fire Panel Driver will parse event strings that are outputted from the serial printer port of the fire panel.  These events can be assigned to virtual addresses that can be plotted on the Graphic Maps module and/or logged to appear as either Events and/or Alarms. Below is a sample text string that the EST Fire Panel produced during an event/alarm: SWITCH ACTIVE :: 13:00:49 09/21/2012 P:02 C:33 D:0001 BUILDING 300 SIGNAL BYPASS Note:  New events are delimited by a line feed character code 10.

Configuring UnityIS

  • From Hardware Manager add a new EST Driver
  • Configure the driver to run on the PC that will have the serial connection to the EST printer port.
  • Add a Controller and set the Connection_Type to 0- Serial and the Channel to the proper port and baud rate.
  • Add a Sub-controller to the controller and modify the descriptions for the devices that will be used.
  • Start the Driver