Below are steps for the ELK integration: Program your ELK controller(s) to send events automatically to the host:

  1. Enter the Installer Programming mode: Press "ELK" key + 9 (menu 9) followed by the Right arrow key.
  2. Enter the default Installer code of 172839 when prompted.
  3. Display should read: "01 - Bus Module Enrollment"
  4. Use the Up arrow key to scroll to Menu 07 "07 - Global System Definitions".  Note: you can alternately jump straight there by entering 07.
  5. When the display shows Menu 07 then you need to press the Right arrow key to enter this menu.
  6. Us the Up arrow key to scroll to option G35.  This option needs to be set to "Yes".  To do that press the right arrow key to place the cursor under "No" and then press 1 to change it to Yes.
  7. Press "ELK" key to move the cursor back after you changed this option to Yes.
  8. You might want to scroll Up to review the settings for options G36, G37, G38, G39, and G40.  All of these should be set to "Yes".
  9. To exit from the programming mode just press the " * " key.

Supported Features

  • Virtually unlimited number of users (host dependent).
  • Arm / Disarm of Areas
  • Activate / Deactivate outputs
  • Real-time status of outputs / inputs using Point Status
  • Cross platform activation using the Mercury hardware platform and Triggers / Macros
  • Graphic Maps
    1. Arm / Disarm areas from graphic maps
    2. Activate / Deactivate outputs from graphic maps
    3. Area status indication by keypad from graphic maps (Armed, Disarmed, Not Ready)
  • ELK Automation between Mercury readers.  Valid card read from a Mercury reader will automatically disarm the ELK areas associated with that reader.

Please Note:  We do not recommend polling more than 32 ELK panels/controllers per driver.  If you wish to poll more than 32 ELK panels/controllers, then please add another ELK driver on another PC