Considerations Prior to Setup


The UnityIS Milestone Access Control Module (ACM) integration unites IMRON Corporation's world class open architecture security management software and Milestone's video management system into a powerful security solution under a single, common operating picture using the Milestone XProtect Smart Client. The integration gives users a consolidated interface to operate access control systems. Dedicated functions in XProtect Smart Client enable users to effectively monitor access events, manually control passages, and conduct investigations on specific access points or cardholders from the UnityIS security management software. The integration is scalable supporting small sites to enterprise sites and allows the operator(s) to view UnityIS access control and alarm transactions from the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client. The UnityIS open architecture offers legacy customers a method to leverage their existing installations and expand using the latest innovative field hardware.


Please ensure that you have the following prerequisites:

  • UnityIS v 10.4.x or higher
  • UnityIS Video Manager Module license
  • Milestone XProtect Management Client and valid door licenses
  • XProtect Smart Client
  • Milestone XProtect Event Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newer (any suite)
  • Milestone ACM plugin files

Note: Any 2016 version of Milestone is compatible with the integration. All 2016 versions are 64-bit. Please ensure that your Milestone software supports Milestone Access.

Installation of the Integration

I. Install or Upgrade UnityIS

The new Milestone ACM integration REQUIRES UnityIS version 10.4.x or higher. To obtain the full installation (For NEW INSTALLATIONS ONLY), please visit: To update/upgrade an existing UnityIS system, please visit:

II. Install the Milestone ACM Driver

  1. Launch UnityIS from the server.
  2. Navigate to the Hardware Manager and unlock the module by clicking on the Lock/Unlock
  3. In the Command toolbar:

Click on the "Commands" button. Click "Edit" and "Add Driver". (See Figure 1)

Click on "Edit" and Select "Add Driver". (See Figure 2)

Figure 1: milestone-integration-1 Figure 2: milestone-integration-2

  1. In the New Driver window, under "Driver Type:", click on "DVR/NVR Video Drivers". Click on the "Milestone ACM Driver" and click "OK". (See Figure 3)

Figure 3: milestone-integration-3

  1. Click on the newly added Milestone ACM Driver. Go to the Properties section for the Milestone ACM driver. Locate the property field called ACM Server Port and enter 5000. (See Figure 4)

Figure 4: milestone-integration-4

  1. Right-click the driver and select "Driver Commands". Click on "Start Driver". The Driver Status Screen should now be RUNNING, displaying the correct Time Date, Driver Version, and DLL Version. (See Figure 5)

Figure 5: milestone-integration-5

III. Installing and Configuring the Milestone ACM Plugin

  1. On the UnityIS Server, open Windows File Explorer and in the UnityIS installation folder, copy the "x64" folder located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\UnityIS\Lib\"
  1. On the Milestone XProtect Management Server, stop the Milestone Event Server service.
  2. Navigate to the Milestone "MIPPlugins" director (typically found in C:\Program Files\Milestone\XProtect Event Server\MIPPlugins)
  3. Paste the "x64" folder into this location and rename it to: "UnityIS_ACM_x64". (See Figure 6)

Figure 6: milestone-integration-6

5. From the Windows Services manager, restart the "Milestone XProtect Event Server" services. (See Figure 7)

Figure 7:  milestone-integration-7

6. Launch the "Milestone XProtect Management Client". (See Figure 8)

Figure 8: milestone-integration-8

7. In the Navigation pane, click on the following:

Surveillance Server > Advanced Configuration > Access Control. Right-click Access Control and select "Create New". (see Figure 9)

Figure 9:  milestone-integration-9

8. In the "Create Access Control System Integration" window, please enter the following:

Name:  Specify a name for the integration. (ex: UnityIS ACM Integration)

Integration plug-in: Select "ISMilestoneACM".

Server Address: Enter the IP address of the computer that is running the "Milestone ACM" Driver. (Typically: localhost)

Server Port: Enter "5000"

Debug Message: Leave Unchecked and click "Next". (See Figure 10)

Figure 10:  milestone-integration-10

9. Once the scanning of the access control hardware is completed, click "Next". (See Figure 11)

Figure 11:  milestone-integration-11

10. On the Associate Cameras window, you can associate the cameras to doors by dragging the camera to the corresponding door. Once completed, click "Next". (See Figure 12)

Figure 12:  milestone-integration-12

11. You will now see a window verifying the Milestone/UnityIS integration is completed. Click "Close". (See Figure 13)

Figure 13:  milestone-integration-13

12. The UnityIS ACM integration is now complete. To test if the integration is working:

  • Launch the Milestone XProtect Smart client and select the Access Control
  • Under "Events", select "All> Live Updates".
  • Present a valid card to a reader.
  • You should now see an Access Granted event in the Milestone XProtect Client. (See Figure 14)

Figure 14: milestone-integration-14

IV. Verifying the Functionality of the ACM Integration

  1. Open the Milestone Management Client.
  2. At the top Menu bar, navigate to Tools>Options.
  3. In the Options window, select the "Access Control Settings" tab.
  4. Check the box labelled "Show development property panel". (See Figure 15)

Figure 15 

  1. Click OK to close the Options window.
  2. Close and re-open the Management Client.
  3. Under the Site Navigation, select "Access Control".
  4. Under Access Control, click on the integration that you added.
  5. Under the Access Control Information window, at the bottom, scroll to the right and select the ‘DEV: Live Events' tab. (See Figure 16)

Figure 16 

10. Generate some access control events (i.e. opening a door or pushing the Request to Exit button) and you should see the LIVE events stream appearing. If the live events stream appears, the UnityIS-Milestone ACM Integration is functioning properly. Any other issue beyond the appearance of the live events stream is Milestone's responsibility. These same events will appear in the Milestone XProtect Client under the ‘Access Control' tab.