UnityIS Server Installation

  1. Please log into Windows with a Windows Admin User Account

  1. Download the software from:


  1. After the download has completed, click on the file "UnityIS_Full_Install.exe" to begin the installation process.

(If download is saved to a folder, go to download destination folder then right-click on the "UnityIS_Full_Install" file then click "Run as administrator")

  1. On the Security Warning Window, click "Run"

  1. In the Welcome to the UnityIS Setup Wizard, click "Next"

6. In the Site Description window, enter a Site Description (for example: My Site) and click "Next". Site Description can be changed after installation is completed.

  1. In the License Type window, select "Server" and click "Next".

8. In the License Agreement window, select "I accept the agreement" after reading the document and then click "Next".

9. In the Select Destination Location window, specify an installation path and click "Next".

  1. In the Ready to Install window, verify everything is correct then click "Install".

11. In the Dongle Registration Wizard window, select "No Dongle: Use Registration Code to Unlock".

12. Email support@imron.com with the Serial Number

13. Enter the Registration and Feature Code provided to you from IMRON Support then click "OK".

  1. You should see the Dongle Wizard Window notifying you the Registration Code was successfully entered. Click "OK".

  1. Click "Finish" to complete the installation.

16. On the Desktop, right-click the "UnityIS" Icon and click on "Run as administrator". Once UnityIS starts, the Maintenance File Could Not be Found window will ask you to check online for a maintenance file. Click "Yes".

17. UnityIS will start in the Desktop Mode and is now ready to be configured.

To Switch to Application Mode:

  1. Click the "Settings" Tab and then click "Control Panel".

  1. In the Control Panel window, click on the Tools tab and then select "UnityIS Configuration".

  1. In the Configuration Options window, scroll down to the "Running as a Service" menu and next to the "AutoLogon" option, uncheck the box so it reads "False" and click "Save Changes".

  1. Log off by clicking on the "User Name" Icon and then click "Operator Logoff"

  1. On the Operator Logon Screen, enter the operator and password information. By default, Operator is "Admin" and Password is blank. Select "Application Mode" and then click the "Logon" button.

  1. You are now running UnityIS in Application mode.

  1. To return to Desktop mode, log off by clicking the Operator Log off Icon on the Information window then select Desktop mode and log back in.