EPC-1 and SCP-2/M Firmware release 1.16.1 now supports SALTO SALLIS devices.  This document outlines configuration changes required to use the SALTO SALLIS locks. Note:  The EPC-1 and SCP-2/M controllers will only communicate with SALTO routers that have been designed to work with Mercury.  If the wrong router device is used it will result in a sub-controller offline message. One SALTO router per controller's downstream port is supported with up to 16 SALTO locks. The SALTO locks communicate through SALTO nodes which are connected to the SALTO router.  Each node can communicate to 1 or more SALTO locks.  

Inputs, Outputs, and Readers

Input points, output points and readers should be configured in the same way as inputs, outputs and readers on a typical sub-controller.  Each SALTO node has two inputs and one output.  The first input is the door contact, the second input is the REX.  The output is the door strike.

Additional Remarks

The SALTO locks will not report up individual door openings and closings.  The reader should be setup to always assume that the door was used (unless an additional input is configured for the door contact).  Due to this behavior the lock should not be used in applications where it is required to know if the door was opened or not.  This would include applications like strict anti-passback, two card control, man traps, etc.

Door Held Open Behavior

Since the SALTO locks do not report up the door opening and closing transactions the door held open processing cannot be handled by the controller.  SALTO will report up the door held open event 40 seconds after the door was opened.  When the door is closed the proper restored event will be reported. Pre-Alarm will not be able to be used due to the EP not controlling when the door held open is generated.  This functionality should not be used with these locks.

Request to Exit (REX) Behavior

If the REX is used multiple times within 10 seconds, only the first occurrence is reported. The additional uses of the REX will not be reported.

Door Forced Open Behavior

The door forced open transaction will be generated if the door is forced open and the proper restoring transaction will be generated after the door is closed. Multiple door forced occurrences within 10 seconds of the initial occurrence will not be reported by SALTO.

External Door Contact / REX

At this point in time an external door contact and REX located on another Sub-controller is not supported.  This may be something that could be supported in the future.