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            Software Server and Workstation Specification

              UnityIS Server and Workstation Specification (recommended)

              1.0 System Requirements The tables below provide requirements for running the UnityIS software on servers and workstations.

              Table 1: SERVER REQUIREMENTS 


              Note: Microsoft’s end of life (EOL) date for all versions of Server 2003 is July 14, 2015. Note: For Standalone UnityIS deployments, Windows 7 or higher is supported. 



              Note: UnityIS is no longer supported on Windows XP as of December 31, 2013. 

              2.0 All Supported Technologies 

              The table below provides the list of all supported operating systems and database technologies and thin clients for the UnityIS software. UnityIS can also run in a virtualized environment, following the same system requirements as physical servers.



              Note: Microsoft’s end of life (EOL) date for all versions of Windows Server 2003 is July 14, 2015. Note: UnityIS comes shipped with an MS Access database. 

              .Net Framework Requirement: 

              .Net Framework 4.5 is the minimum required version. If you are not sure what Net Framework you are running, please visit this link.

              Table 2: Virtual Environment 


              Table 3: WEB BROWSERS for UnityIS Thin Client


              3.0 Installation Guides 

              Visit our support portal at support.imron.com to get the latest installation instructions.

              4.0 Support 

              If you have any questions regarding the UnityIS software, please contact at IMRON Support (support@imron.com), through our support portal at  support.imron.com or call us at 877-OK-IMRON.   

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