In the Event Manager (see UnityIS>Event Manager), “Access Denied” events provide the ability to efficiently troubleshoot the system. Below is a list of these events and the ways you can go about troubleshooting the cause for these events.

1. Access Denied: Card – This event means that the controller does not have this card in its memory. The card DOES exist in UnityIS>Personnel Manager, but for some reason it was never downloaded to the Controller. Causes: This could be caused by several reasons, one of which is that if there was a disconnect in the network for a period of time while the update and/or a personnel download was being made and/or if the controller was reset while disconnected from the host. Possible Resolutions:
  • The Axis driver is equipped with an automated card download function called ‘Card Learn’. The driver will check the host database and if that card exists, it will download the card to the controller automatically. The controller without an updated copy of the personnel database will receive an update from the host after a couple reads. Note: Learn Mode only applies to this Access Denied: Card Learn Mode can be utilized where the cardholder’s profile has been added to UnityIS but the profile has not been downloaded to the controller.
  • Locate the cardholder in UnityIS, toggle the ‘Enable/Disable/Enable’ button, and click Save (this will push a download of this cardholder to the controller(s)).
  • Perform a Personnel download to the controller so that it is in sync with the host database.

2. Access Denied: Level – This event means that the cardholder does not have the appropriate access levels. Cause: The cardholder does not have the proper doors/readers included in their Access Levels. Resolution: In Personnel Manager, make sure that the cardholder has been assigned the appropriate door to their access level. To do this, locate the cardholder record in UnityIS>Personnel Manager. Go to the Access Level box and ensure that the door is included in the Access Level for this cardholder. If the door is not in the Access Level for this cardholder, you’ll need to add the door into their Access Level. To add the door into a cardholder’s Access Level, go to the Access Level module to ensure that the access control reader groups have been assigned the correct access levels.

3. Access Denied: Invalid – This event means that type of card/credential cannot be interpreted/translated by the controller when it was presented to the reader. Cause: An incorrect or not existent Card Format has not been added to the controller. Resolution: To add a Card Format for a controller, go to the Hardware Manager module in UnityIS, unlock the module, select the controller. In the controller Property, click on the (Card Format) property and add the correct card format, i.e. 26-bit HID or 37-bit IMRON, etc. Cause: Wiring is not done properly or some interference may be occurring at the reader level. Resolution: Please confirm that reader wiring is done correctly. 

4. Access Denied: Before Activation Date – This event means that the credential has been used prior to the activation date. Ensure that the activation date is current (i.e. set BEFORE the current date) on the record via the Personnel Manager.

5. Access Denied: After Expiration Date – This event means that the credential has been used after the expiration date. Ensure that the expiration date is set after the current date for the credential within Personnel Manager.

6. Access Denied: Time – This event means that the credential has been used at a door outside of the approved time. Ensure that the personnel record in the personnel manager and ensure that the time schedules are correctly assigned in the Time Schedules. 

7. Access Denied: De-Activated Card: The credential has been disabled. Ensure that the credential is active in Personnel Manager.