Integrating to Video Insight Monitor Station VMS This was tested against Monitor Station v6.2.8.5

  1. Windows Firewall - check to make sure it's turn off or create Inbound/Outbound Rules to allow both TCP ports 4010 (data)/4012 (command)
  2. Add the Video Insight driver
    • Launch UnityIS > Hardware Manager. In the Command toolbar unlock the module. Also in the Command toolbar, click on the Commands button> Edit > Add Driver
    •  In the Add Driver window, expand DVR/NVR Video Drivers and select Video Insight Drivers
  3. Add the Video Insight controller and Configuration
    • Right-click the newly added driver> Edit >  Controller
    • In the Add Controller window, Manual Setup, click OK
    • Click on the Video Insight controller you just added > Properties
    • In the IP_Address field - Enter the IP address of the Video Insight Monitor Station server
    • In the User Name - Enter the administrative login name to Monitor Station
    • In the Data Port field, enter: 4010
    • In the Command Port field, enter: 4012
    • Click Save in the Command Toolbar
  4. Add the Video Insight sub-controller
    • Right-click on the Video Insight controller > Edit > Add Sub-Controller
    • Toggle the ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã‹Å“Poll' check box if needed

Example This is the new URL to view the VI cameras connected to VI server: is the VI Server in my office. Camera 1 (my office) Video IP Address:  Camera 2 (outside) Video IP Address:  Note: 1102208762 = This is the camera ID that can be found from the Monitor Station>Server Configuration>Record tab