Hardware Manager -> Web Server The Web Server is an integrated part of UnityIS and does not require any additional third party Web Server products to be installed.  The Web Server automatically becomes available for configuration once the Access Control Security Application has been licensed for one or more clients.  Once the Web Server is configured, this product allows operators to log into the Access Control Security application via a Thin Client.  The Thin Client is browser agnostic and hardware agnostic and allows the client to connect to the system securely from any web enabled device.  There is no software installation necessary for use of the Thin Client.

  • From the Hardware Manager screen click once on the pad lock to allow editing of the Hardware Manager module.
  • Highlight Web Server is Running from the hardware tree.  If this item does not appear, this is an indication that the product has not been licensed for client use.  If the Web Server appears as not running, this is an indication that another Web Server product is running on the machine such as IIS or Apache.  In order for the Web Server to run successfully only one Web Server may be running on the machine at a time.  All other Web Server services must be stopped.  If the Web Server is Stopped in the Access Control Security Application, once all other Web Server services have been stopped, right mouse click on Web Server is Stopped from the hardware tree and select Driver Commands, Start Driver.
  • Configuration of the Web Server properties can be completed from the Web Server's properties box.  The following can be configured from the Web Servers Properties box.
  • IP address - The IP address field is automatically populated with the IP address of the server and will dynamically change if the IP address of the server changes.
  • Website Port - The website port allows for the Thin Client to connect securely via a port designated by the IT Administrator.  When the Thin Client connects to the Access Control Security Application the following connection string will be used:  https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:port (where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of the server and port is the port number assigned by the IT administrator).
  • Website Timer - The Website Timer determines how frequently the Thin Client web page will refresh.  The default time is 15 seconds, please note if this value is set to a value of one (1) second, the web page will flicker as the page refreshes every second.
  • Website - From the server click on the Website drop down arrow located to the right of the Website tag.  This option automatically takes the operator to the Thin Client sign in page. The Thin Client utilizes the user permissions assigned within the Access Control Security Application; therefore, any modules available within a Thick network client will be the same modules available within the Thin Client.
  • Auto Start Web Server - The Web Server is an integrated part of the Access Control Security Application and the driver can be configured to be started /stopped automatically on start up of the application.  To configure the Auto Start Web Server property, click the box to enable to the Web Server.
  • Web Site Theme - Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Web site Theme to modify the color theme of the web site.  The operator can choose between blue and black.  To choose between blue and black, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Web Site Theme tag and select the desired color.

The Web Server uses https for client connections.  If you'd like to use your own certificate, you can do so by copying the .cer and .key files to the UnityIS\Web\certificate folder on the server.